(October 1995) The third official album, "Yeah" displays richer and more mature rhythms and composition than its predecessors, a result also of a fluid and incisive writing by Skardy and the songwriting contribution offered by Marco Forieri.
In this new venture, the band returns to reggae and ragamuffin in particular. With ironic and unwavering antagonism towards hypocrisy, business and consumerism present as ever, in this album we find again everything dear to "Sir Oliver Skardy" and his companions.
Here there is enough material for all: from the attack on the "world powers", with all of our fates in their hands ("Canbiarā"), to the kids who take drugs in discos and risk their lives and those of others ("Sbarbo maedeto"), to women who believe they can "make it" by selling themselves off ("Fiaba borghese"), to the "sharks" who are callously out for pure profit ("Afarista", "Indiani"), lastly, "Olanda", the first single from the album, which resurrects one of Pitura Freska's leit motifs: the legalisation of soft drugs.
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