Nyabinghi is a cult from the Rastafarian Movement whose music and dances form an integral part of the ritual of the cult itself.

The word Nyabinghi has also been adopted by the Rastafarian language to mean "death to the white and black oppressors".

While Pitura Freska have nothing to do with the Rasta faith, they share some aspects, like the reggae music, dreadlocks, the use of ganja, and the choice of music as an instrument of protest against the abuse of power.

A part of Pitura Freska's repertoire has been rearranged in an acoustic version, with the addition of percussion. The result is a completely new musical mix combining the heartbeat of the African motherland with Skardy and Co.'s desecrating drive.

Pitura Freska decided to present this new project during the commemoration of Bob Marley's in May '96. An unprecedented formation, with Sir "Oliver" Skardy's vocals, Francesco Duse on bass, Marco Forieri sax, melodica and vocals, and Valerio Silvestri on trumpet, drum and chorus, with the collaboration of Cristiano Pastrello and Alessandro Demarco on percussion and Alberto Guariento acoustic guitar,

The gig was also held in Recanati during the celebration of the "Recanati City Prize", broadcast live on radio and filmed for later TV coverage by RAI2.

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