Red Alert !!! Red Alert !!!

is about to land on Planet Music


What is it?
It's a new show that redraws and contaminates, mostly in a dance key, the songs of Pitura Freska, the band of reggae music sung in Venetian that, thanks to its records (it has been awarded with two gold and one platinum record) and the many concerts held from Alps to Sicily has soon become one of the most popular groups in Italy. The use of Venetian dialect in fact doesn't represent a geographical bound, but it's one of the fundamental characteristics of Pitura's sound. A new and unique sound even if it restores an ancient tradition.

Now thanks to the recovery of the Jamaican tradition of the sound system (that sort of itinerant discos constituted by enormous speakers climbed on trucks that during 50's and 60's spread reggae music all over the Caribbean Isle), Pitura Freska will spread their new sound.

On stage in fact the DJ Marco Valentini will play red-hot remix, opportunely recorded, that reread Pitura Freska's sound with ragga, hip-hop, jungle, dub, trip-hop, chemical beat influences, while the singer of the band Sir Oliver Skardy, Marco "Furio" Forieri (saxophone and voice), and Valerio "Voleno" Silvestri (trumpet and voice), will give out their creative vein singing and playing the band's hits in this new dress.
A discovery of new and unusual aspects of Pitura Freska's sound thanks also to the sound elaborations of Francesco Dr. Duse, who, leaves his guitar for this occasion and take place at the sound system console.

The DJ Marco Valentini gives his imprint to the live sound with his working at the turntables but he's also the producer of most of the remix realised at the Cube Studio in Venice, with the collaboration of Massimo Zennaro.
Marco Valentini (sign, ascendant and moon Leo) is a renowned DJ and producer. His recent successes are the two album by La Fuerteza (the one of the hit single "2 for Night") and Ami Stewart.

Some other remixes have been produced by DJ Gusmatti (Libera Sion) one of the most acclaimed selecters of the Italian reggae scene, Ubi Dread (Fiaba Borghese) bass player of the reggae band Radio Rebelde and owner of the Daredevil project, and Gian Luca Ballarin, Leonardo Di Angilla and Tobia Lenarda (Parti) by Voo Doo Phunk (courtesy of Irma Records).

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