(November 1991) Pitura Freska's debut album, speaks sincerely and in a way that is full of life. Vulgar at times, yet perfectly in tune with that wholly original poetic expression at which Skardy excels, "Na bruta banda" proved a great success, not just in the Veneto region, but all over Italy, and the 200,000 copies sold in record time turned the disk platinum.

In 1992, the band followed up with a string of about 100 live concerts, allowing the Italian public at large, following the Veneto's example, to 'discover' the essence of the band: the unison and the "athletic" stamina of the wind section, at its height in "Murassi", composed by Marco Forieri, Valerio Silvestri and Toni Costantini, who transform on stage into a constant "presence" as theatrical as it is musical; the rhythmic precision and crooning melodies of Francesco Duse's guitar; the substantial contribution, with its vaguely rock persuasion, of the other guitar played by Cristiano Verardo which sets off Skardy's charismatic stage presence.

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