We, Pitura Freska, are also convinced that the only dose of cannabis that would actually prove lethal would be a two-kilo pack falling on your head from the twenty-fifth floor of a high-rise building. Because we think that, in a civilized society, prohibiting its use and persecuting its users is nothing but an anachronism and an insult to personal freedom.
As far back as 1982, our oldest songs (see "Marghera" or "Saria Beo") denounced this state of affairs and we put ourselves forward as campaigners for the cause in this, the latest of many a fight for freedom.
The song "Olanda", from the album Yeah, was a prime example and sparked off a battle between us and the Inland Revenue as we were accused of reproducing the album cover on our posters.
We are relying on your intelligence to introduce legality where it is currently lacking, recalling Skardy's words:

"De Marijuana no xe mai morto nisuni".
Pitura Freska

("Nobody's ever died of marijuana")
Pitura Freska