It's been almost fifteen years since Pitura Freska emerged as a "chaos band", a period marked by the arrival of Skardy, the band's front-man, and their merging, five years later, with PUFF BONG, Italy's first reggae band, whose components have embossed Pitura Freska with their musical hallmark familiar to today's audiences. In the meantime, their constant presence in all the local "hot spots", and Skardy's inspirational communicative talent, have made them the most popular band on the Veneto region's musical scene. A popularity that transcends social boundaries, musical tastes and generations and which, while using reggae as a key element, can be put down to nothing other than the compositional abilities of Skardy himself: the lyrics bare his spirit with a mix of perspectives on politics, love and current events, expressions of genuine "grass roots" passion, a splash of self-mockery - and all framed by great musical taste.

Pitura Freska

"The choice of reggae is the manifestation of that far-reaching search, the striving for an insight into other cultures. The local language is an extraordinary melting pot of slang that fuses the regional Veneto lingo, Venetian dialect, jargon off the street, used in bars, and by the hoods, not to mention jargon employed in the workplace, at the coast and in industry, and jargons emanating from the mass media - that dubious contemporary Italian heard on TV. The use of such a language implies a contamination of the real roots in this fast-moving day and age. A contamination that's not always conscious and nevertheless teasingly steered and moulded by an instinctive artistic taste. Pitura Freska are commonly acknowledged as coherent and credible representatives of a certain generational, social and urban area. They have certainly sunk their roots deep into the turf of the youthful component of their Venetian homeland (although this does not exclude the older factions), and a large part of the rest of the region. And yet their music and the contents of their songs don't stop here. The spirit of the group is expressed through a number of themes and musical allusions: anti-industrialisation, conjurings of smoke, air and pollution, the anti-business contention, close-up portraits of life, political protest, the launching of epithets against power - and then the songs on love, solitude, and sometimes anger. All part of a musical and poetic discourse that speaks not only for those with the same background as Pitura: Skardy's wasteland is now all around us. And everywhere Pitura Freska play, they make themselves well understood.
(Gianfranco Bettin, sociologist, 1991)

Their success at a local level overflowed, soaking the rest of Italy, first with the tiny trickles represented by home taping, then with "Ossigeno", the first official recording on tape and, finally, the tidal wave of success brought by "Na Bruta Banda" on the official market under the Psycho Records label.

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