(November 2001) LE SÒRTI DE UN PIANETA a Pitura Freska single for Emergency

1993: Pitura Freska composed a song, Le Sòrti De Un Pianeta (The destiny of a planet), against the war and for human life respect. "Every life must be respected, no matter if it comes from a palace or from a road; every war must be immediately stopped, life is a right and it must not be wasted" is the refrain.

1994: in Milan is founded Emergency, a humanitarian association that has the purpose to assist civil victims of the conflicts. Emergency first works in Rwanda, then in Kurdistan, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Sierra Leone: all the countries where the war has done and continues to make irreparable damages, all countries where human rights are violated.

Since then many years and too much wars have passed, the destiny of the planet is always more uncertain, the conflicts continue their indiscriminate massacre, the human rights are ignored. Emergency has unfortunately intensified its own activities for the victims, have built seven hospitals, taken care of over two hundred thousand people. And the song of Pitura Freska seems always more actual, it sounds like it was written today. It looks like the soundtrack of Emergency activity.

On November 30 comes out the CD single that contains the new realization of the song from September 2001 and the 1993 first version. Pitura Freska wanted this song to help to concretely improve a small but important part of the destiny of this planet: for this reason the royalties from the single and the copyrights are devolved to Emergency to sustain its activities in favour of war victims the because life is a right. For everyone.

From December 15 all the most important television networks will broadcast a video clip produced by Milonga with the direction of Carlo A. Sigon that, thanks to the contribution had by the greatest sector structures and with a team of over 40 people, has realized a clip to rise funds to assist the civil victims of all the wars through a postal account number that will be shown all through the video.

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